sâmbătă, 30 mai 2009

I wish I could be truly free, careless, happy, serene, to breathe light, fresh air, revigorating my entire being. I wish I could taste the saltiness of your skin, the sweetness of your embrace, the sourness of your good- bye, the perfume of your smooth hair, your quintessence...
This life we are living has something dual about it. We can experience both happiness and sadness, even at the same time. And although, most of us would ponder whether or not the sadness is more present in our lives than happiness, I dare to comment that it is us who choose how to see things.
Let it be known to anyone reading these lines that I too chose to suffer more than to be joyous out of love most of the times. I was out of love most of the times. The scenario kept repeating itself obsessively, over and over and over again leaving me with little hope that I would indeed find the right person for me. I do not believe in soul mates but I do believe in destiny. There is someone destined for everyone out there, there is someone who can help without being helped, who can appreciate you without asking anything in return. This is also called love, affection, care, humanity, the prerequisite for spiritual evolution. Everything is centered around love, everything and everyone.
Most of us though, once they have found that certain someone tend to neglect his/her role in our development and little by little start casting him/her away. Try to never forget everything the other one has sacrificed for your well being. Bear in mind that love is a synonym with equilibrium. Do not dominate the loved one, do not let yourself being dominated. Though extremely difficult to obtain, the state of equilibrium in a relationship is most necessary so as to achieve happiness together.
I guess God just wanted me to speak out once I have gone trough the same experience...

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  1. mai e şi abilitatea fiecăruia de se (ştii) bucura de micile plăceri ale vieţii care contribuie la starea de bine şi care într-un final se traduce în fericire (în detrimentul tristeţii). câteodată îmi iese, iar în alte dăţi nu, dar pana la urma asta e teorie...

    la fel de teoretic e şi că până la urma ar trebui să ne alegem fiecare cu câte-o jumătate. nici asta nu funcţionează perfect, iar principiul şchioapătă rău în lumea reală; cu toate acestea, dacă n-am crede în el parcă n-am mai fi noi, n-am mai fi la fel de umani.

    cât despre restul sfaturilor, dacă găseşti calea să le poţi urma întocmai, fără să te abaţi, te rog spune-mi şi mie cum.

  2. Hi,

    I just happened on this when I Googled chocolate, and had to let you know that I think you are a most wonderful person full of truth and beauty. I hope Destiny brings you what you desire, with much love and happiness in your life.

    Valdi, a visitor from England. xx

  3. Dear Valdi,

    I would like to thank you for your interest in my blog. Whatever it is that I'm writing here from time to time is meant not only for my wellbeing, but for the wellbeing of others as well. I am a common girl willing to help other common people. Hope you will visit this page more often.
    Take care,