miercuri, 10 iunie 2009

How to Break Up With Your Girlfriend

I was surfing the Internet this morning while trying to find some IELTS Test samples I could solve and meanwhile I came across this video.I collapsed laughing!!! In a way, this is also my tragic/comic failed relationship but seeing this right in front of my laptop screen just hit me in my face. Here I am thinking, crying, feeling miserable, pitying myself just because V. left me when in fact this is just how things are.

History repeats itself, I of all others should know just how true this sentence is, after all, I did graduate from the History- English Faculty.Instead of just wiping my eyes every time I hear a motorbike passing by or a car that seems to be his from the distance, I should try to start enjoying my single life. And by the time I really,really,really,tremendously, absolutely embrace my new status I shall meet another person who will get me through the same marry-go-round feelings; I'm just hoping that the outcome will be different next time.

I leave you with the video now, hope you enjoy it and I would be more than thrilled if you post a comment about it.


2 comentarii:

  1. OH that was perfect! That really is how it is. I laughed so hard at how incredibly real this little stick man cartoon was. Thank you! We all need to be okay with just ourselves...until we become part of the cycle of relationships again...in which case we will all end up by ourselves anyway. Very good! Love it!

  2. BTW, I start getting tired of listening to my favourite music. I assume that I'm on the right track...