duminică, 22 martie 2009

A World Without Romania

Well, will you look at that?!

duminică, 15 martie 2009


I was surfing the Internet this morning and came across an interesting Romanian site. I didn't even know we had such a site really. It's an online Portal aimed at the "thumbing up a ride" fans not only from our country but from the entire Europe. You can both subscribe as a car owner willing to pick up hitchhikers or as a passenger who wants to travel up to a certain destination. The required fields which need to be filled in include such preferences as air conditioning, smoker/ non-smoker, favourite music and destination.

Surprisingly enough, there are lots of offers for external destinations like Venice or Brno. You just need to be the right person at the right time. :) I think I will give it a try once I need to go somewhere. This is the address --> maybe it will also prove useful for you : www.123autostop.ro

What is more, I know about this concept and I was so determined to try it... it's called Jailbreak. Basically it's a competition between teams of youngsters. They have to get as far as they can from the starting location without spending any money on travel. It would be great if I could find some interested people and organize such a competition this summer in August, when I have my 15 days holiday.

joi, 12 martie 2009

Women's Day Party (made by E.ON)

Last night I went to the Women's Day Party which was organized by the company I am working for. I didn't expect it to be that pleasant actually... from the first insights not many people subscribed so I thought to myself this party would be a fiasco but eventually it proved to be quite all right. I even had some quality time at the restaurant we all met. The afterparty was held in Avi-Cola, of course! So crowded!!!! Unbelievable! I felt as if I was dancing in one of those old Romanian train carriages. We were all rubbing against each other, dancing like crazy and enjoying the 90s tracks. Returned home at around 3 a.m., had a few hours of sleep and came at the office at 8 a.m.... so I am curious about how this day is going to unfold, so far I hang on pretty well but at a certain time I might collapse :D.
Just a few pictures for you to get the general feeling of the party!
All in all, thumbs up for E.ON!

miercuri, 11 martie 2009

By Any Means

I did mention some time ago about the Long Way series staring Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman, well mates, they've done it again... This time Charlie, Russ and a cameraman, Mungo, departed from Wicklow (Ireland) aiming to reach Sydney (Australia) some 4 months later, using any means of transportation on the way. One of the main conditions was to use local, traditional means of transport, specific for the countries they are cruising through, avoiding as much as they can the use of a plane.

The expedition started on April 12th 2008 from Boorman's father house in Wicklow. What a better way to start off the journey than by riding classic motorbikes? :) Next came the Routemaster buss, a type of double-decker which Charlie actually drove till the crew reached Dover. After reaching and driving through France in a Citroen DS, the guys took the Venice Orient Express, spent some time in Venice, then took off for Poreč, Croatia. In total, the team passed 24 countries using 112 modes of transport in 102 days.

I will not go into details too much, just to keep that suspense to the maximum. What I can tell you after seeing all the episodes is that I was not only surprised (in a good way) to discover what a great, sociable, friendly person Charlie has proven to be, but I also found it extremely interesting to learn so many things about different cultures and places around this wonderful, diverse Big Blue Planet.

To see the show, just search it on Youtube, you have all the episodes there and if you are from Romania, the show also plays on National Geographic, Saturday evenings at 8 p.m. It's really worth it! It left me lingering for such a trip to be honest... anyone interested?! :)