duminică, 15 martie 2009


I was surfing the Internet this morning and came across an interesting Romanian site. I didn't even know we had such a site really. It's an online Portal aimed at the "thumbing up a ride" fans not only from our country but from the entire Europe. You can both subscribe as a car owner willing to pick up hitchhikers or as a passenger who wants to travel up to a certain destination. The required fields which need to be filled in include such preferences as air conditioning, smoker/ non-smoker, favourite music and destination.

Surprisingly enough, there are lots of offers for external destinations like Venice or Brno. You just need to be the right person at the right time. :) I think I will give it a try once I need to go somewhere. This is the address --> maybe it will also prove useful for you : www.123autostop.ro

What is more, I know about this concept and I was so determined to try it... it's called Jailbreak. Basically it's a competition between teams of youngsters. They have to get as far as they can from the starting location without spending any money on travel. It would be great if I could find some interested people and organize such a competition this summer in August, when I have my 15 days holiday.

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  1. Thoughts in time and out of season
    The Hitchhiker
    Stood by the side of the road
    And leveled his thumb
    In the calm calculus of reason
    Hi. How you doin'? I just got back into town L.A.
    I was out on the desert for awhile
    "Riders on the storm"
    Yeah. In the middle of it
    "Riders on the storm"
    "Into this world we're born"
    Hey, listen, man, I really got a problem
    "Into this world we're thrown"
    When I was out on the desert, ya know
    "Like a dog without a bone
    An actor out on loan"
    I don't know how to tell you
    "Riders on the storm"
    but, ah, I killed somebody
    "There's a killer on the road"
    "His brain is squirming like a toad"
    It's no big deal, ya know
    I don't think anybody will find out about it, but...
    " take a long holiday"
    just, ah...
    "Let your children play"
    this guy gave me a ride, and ah...
    "If you give this man a ride"
    started giving me a lot of trouble
    "Sweet family will die"
    and I just couldn't take it, ya know
    "Killer on the road"
    And I wasted him

  2. talking about black humour :)
    Do I know this "same anonim" guy? :)

  3. the anonim guy is......


    Am dat peste blogu tau prin hi5 si vroiam sa iti vad reactile la niste texte dragi mie care culmea se potriveau si in context.

    cat despre reactii:

    nu e umor negru ci versurile unor piese scrise de Jim Morrison.

    The doors - Hitchhiker si interviu cu Jim

    Tare, nu?