joi, 12 martie 2009

Women's Day Party (made by E.ON)

Last night I went to the Women's Day Party which was organized by the company I am working for. I didn't expect it to be that pleasant actually... from the first insights not many people subscribed so I thought to myself this party would be a fiasco but eventually it proved to be quite all right. I even had some quality time at the restaurant we all met. The afterparty was held in Avi-Cola, of course! So crowded!!!! Unbelievable! I felt as if I was dancing in one of those old Romanian train carriages. We were all rubbing against each other, dancing like crazy and enjoying the 90s tracks. Returned home at around 3 a.m., had a few hours of sleep and came at the office at 8 a.m.... so I am curious about how this day is going to unfold, so far I hang on pretty well but at a certain time I might collapse :D.
Just a few pictures for you to get the general feeling of the party!
All in all, thumbs up for E.ON!

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