luni, 4 mai 2009

1st of May Week- End

Though not celebrating Labour Day on the 1st of May, I did benefit from the extended week-end and departed on a little trip together with "my 2 friends"- as I like to call them- Dragos and Mylo.

Interesting experience come to think about it, especially as I had to share the same room with them because of the poor booking capacity in the Busteni aerea. On Saturday afternoon we arrived in Brasov, too bad that the weather was a bit gloomy, had a stroll in the city center and then left for Busteni where we put up a bit of a fight to find some accommodation.

Next day we failed to give it an early start (you know how these guys are!!!! :))and by the time we reached Cota 1400 (= altitude of 1400 m) it was somewhere close to 11. Again, the weather was not on our side so instead of reaching the Sfinx and Babele we had to make do with a bit of a mountain climbing until we reached the 1730 m height.

Next, we also thought about visiting Peles Castle, amazing piece of architecture, where I learned that the Peles Castle was the most modern castle in Europe, being equipped with its own heating system, air conditioning, electricity, electrified elevator and many many more. I just couldn't get it why the Ceausescu couple (back in the days) didn't really like the castle. I thought it was amazing! :)

Finally, on our way back home we also stopped in a town called Rupea, home of a magnificent but abandoned and degrading fortress- The Rupea Fortress. What an amazing scenery!Unbelievable! It was almost as if I was re-living the 14th century, I was imagining how that place used to look like some over 6 centuries ago. It is here that I encountered one of the deepest wells I have ever seen in my life. It is 59 m deep. Imagine falling in it... upsy!!! we don't want that, do we?! :)

Take a look at some of the pics! All in all, super cool week-end, super cool company (and I mean those cute squirrels I saw, not you two guys :))- just joking!)

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