luni, 19 ianuarie 2009

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So dear boys and girls... missed me? I made some time to write in my blog this morning as the day has not begun yet and I still have time to listen to some music, or to watch a video, to check my e-mails and to chat with my colleagues. I will have my first exam today and I must admit that I do feel a bit stressed out and anxious, even though I spent the whole week-end reading for my Master Courses. Yesterday as I arrived home at 6 pm I still needed to finish a big juicy project for school but I felt like doing all sorts of activities I do not normally do, like taking out the garbage, cleaning my room, sorting my clothes, watering the plants, picking up my socks from under the bed, etc. These are all chores I absolutely hate when being asked to perform but anything was better than studying... I wanted to go to karate but was a bit short on time. Anyways, I did finish my project by midnight and sent it to my teacher, waiting for the results now and I hope I will pass this exam session because I really got tired of school and sessions and everything... I am so fed up! Probably after finishing this Master Course I will put an end to my education for a couple of years, just to make the best out of my evenings and week-ends. I would like to travel more, go somewhere new every week-end, take pictures and have fun, meet new people... you know?! Yeah, so anyways, I will upload a song which fits my mood this morning, an older song which I adore, and this one is dedicated to all those who got dumped! Raise your glasses for me and cheers!

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