sâmbătă, 17 ianuarie 2009

1,2,3... ready or not, here I come!

I am a "new entry" in today's Blog Scene and as a new entry, the first impression counts...

No need for me to reveal any unnecessary aspects of my life so far, these things will come out as the time will pass and it will feel more natural than if I would start enumerating all my hobbies, interests, jobs, boyfriends, girlfriends and so on.

So without any further introduction, let us start this online diary of the "little matchbox girl".

One of the reasons why I have decided to keep track of my life would be the intense period which followed the breakup between me and Vlad, with whom I spent 2 and a half years thinking and believing he would be THE ONE. It's been 2 months since then and during all this time we spoke twice on the phone but we haven't met ever since. Maybe it's for the better. I heard he has a new girlfriend now, as for me... I tried to start a new relationship but then I decided that I was not ready for anything serious. It's more like a mixture of feelings and memories which not only fill my entire being but also my room I am standing in right now. I feel sad and happy at the same time, I feel frustrated but also calm, greedy but also generous, naive but also skeptic, loved and hated, black and white, two souls living in the same person.

It's tough being a girl...

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