luni, 23 februarie 2009

Week-End in Sibiu

Beer Incident :)

Andrei's Bionic Arm :))

Not too much to say about my week-end spent in Sibiu...Arrived on Friday 20th in the afternoon, met my dear cousin at her hotel and went to her apartment. It was quite a pleasant encounter and seeing Sibiu again really made me happy. The weather was a bit cold as compared to TGM but it was all nice and shiny. In the evening, though not planned, we went out to meet some of Lili's friends (some of them I was familiar with). The Corner was a newly opend pub, actually it was inaugurated that very night. Everyone got drunk or dizzy, except for me. I wasn't in the mood of drinking alcohol so I just enjoyed seeing everyone around me getting tipsy. I might come back next week-end as there is this trip in the mountains and I was invited but I did not make up my mind yet. We'll see... On Saturday we just stayed in and then went to the gym for a nice workout finalised with a 30 minutes dry sauna, all of them being free of charge :D (one of the benefits of being a girl)watched some movies, the most impressive one was Slumdog Millionaire which already won 8 Oscars. I never thought I would enjoy seeing an Indian movie, but it absolutely swept me off my feet. I recommend it to everyone. Another movie I enjoyed was The Reader, set in the Post-WWII Germany. The main character, Michael Berg, aged 15 has an affair with a woman twice his age. She just vanished at a certain point of his life and nearly a decade later, being a Law student, finds her as a defendant in the Nazzi trials.
Well, that's all about my week-end. I will just post a few pictures taken on Friday night. Enjoy!!!

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