marți, 17 februarie 2009

Mi fido di te (I Trus You)

I like listening to different types of music and most of the times I have a "type of music day". Today was my "Italian songs day". It was such a wonderful day, just hearing that melodious language (which is very similar to Romanian language) made me feel happy, full of life, optimistic. Incredible how powerful music can be and how it can influence your state of mind. So I just started listening to those Italian Titans like Eros Ramazzotti, Ambra Angiolini, Laura Pausini, Tiziano Ferro, Jovanotti...they were all part of my late childhood and my teen many memories have been stacked inside my brain from that period. I can remember all those Sunday nights spent in front of the TV back in the early 90s when no one had cable, we all improvised these huge parabolic antennas and we were excited every time we were watching Fiorello's TV show on Rai Uno. That's how I started learning the Italian language. Of course that without too much practice I forgot a lot of words but there's this intrinsic knowledge and somehow it all comes back to me when I hear a song in Italian. One of my favourite singers was Jovanotti...he has that "I don't know what" charisma. He's not beautiful, his voice has almost nothing special but his style is just amazing...his lyrics are so catchy, I like the way he's dressed and that entire attitude he possesses. Anyways, I will just post one of my favourite songs from him. It's called Mi fido di te which means "I Trust You". Enjoy!!! And may your day be wonderful :)

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