duminică, 6 septembrie 2009

The Final Countdown

My final days in Romania are knocking at the door and I have no other option than to let them in, let them take control and enjoy everything around me while I still can.

I do not want to make it sound so dramatic, as this is, after all, what I yearned for in the first place. But seeing all these things that made me who I am and knowing that I won't wake up with them in the morning anymore makes me hesitate just a little bit. I think the hardest bridge I will have to cross once in Brussels would be that of missing my family and friends and not knowing how to cope with my feelings.

But on the other hand, I am also excited about making it alive from the urban jungle called BRUSSELS. I feel like a runner at the start-up would feel right now, just before an important race that s/he has to win. I'm just starting to heat my muscles, stretch, take a deep breath of air to ease the tension and prepare for the competition. Yes, I do see it like a competition, a competition which I have to win by any means as this is what I want- I want to make out there, I want to find my place somewhere...anywhere, I want to experience the most thrilling period of my life. I can feel it coming, it's already here.

A few days ago I started writing my "good-bye" e-mails for all my colleagues, friends and collaborators and I didn't think that I would end up doing it one day..wow, so unreal, almost like a dream...the only difference is that it's not a dream, it's a fact...I am about to change my life.

I feel low-spirited because I have to leave the company as I truly bonded with everyone, most of my colleagues grew up to become more like my friends, especially my dear, dear office mates: Ramona, Voicu, Eszter, Cristian, Vlad, Tibi and Erich. I know you will be reading these lines and I hope you will visit me soon :)!

Just look at us in this photo! We are a terrific team!

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  1. somebody is missing from the picture, maybe your husband???

  2. haha, Erich, u're right behind Vlad...unfortunately u can only see part of your head... but that's the only picture I had with the whole team..don't be too hard on me